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GenAI talent buildup seen critical as PHL transitions

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By Justine Irish D. Tabile, Reporter

THE PHILIPPINES will have to build up a pool of workers skilled in generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to overcome challenges in the broader adoption of the technology, according to information technology and business process management service provider Pointwest.

“Developing a local, GenAI-skilled talent pool here in the Philippines is what’s most critical for Filipino organizations to overcome these challenges,” the company told BusinessWorld via e-mail.

It said GenAI remains an early-stage technology, though adoption is picking up with greater accessibility.

“Most organizations in the Philippines are still in the experimental phase and have yet to truly scale and operationalize this technology,” Pointwest said.

“Quality of data, concerns over data security and privacy, and talent availability are all critical challenges that organizations must overcome as they look to scale and operationalize GenAI,” it added.

Pointwest said that to address such challenges, organizations should play their part by encouraging students to pursue a career that will leverage their skills in GenAI.

The company recently collaborated with Amazon Web Services on the “GenAI Spark Hackathon,” which allowed students from 11 universities to develop prototypes using GenAI with real-life applications.

“By inspiring interest in GenAI, offering training and practical experience, and facilitating professional networking events like the GenAI Spark Hackathon, we play a key role in helping to scale GenAI across the country,” it added.

However, Pointwest said that it recognizes that despite the benefits of using GenAI, the technology is just a “tool” that requires human oversight.

“GenAI is truly a transformative technology with the potential to boost creativity and productivity, enable personalization, advance scientific discovery, and impact just about every aspect of the way we live,” it said.

“It’s important to understand, however, that AI is just a tool. Human oversight and judgment will both remain critical to ensure that it is used responsibly, safely, and ethically,” it added.

Pointwest said the Philippines has just begun to scratch the surface of GenAI’s potential.

“As this emerging technology becomes more user-friendly and accessible and as its adoption further widens, improvements will come faster and benefits will become more significant and widespread,” it said.

“With its increasing power, regulation can help to ensure responsible development and use of this technology, helping to mitigate the risk of misuse, bias, and potential negative societal impacts,” he added.

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