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Breakfast at Jasmine? Yes, please

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WHILE the New World Makati Hotel’s Chinese restaurant, Jasmine, is well-known for their belly-bursting unlimited dim sum lunches, they’re flexing a new muscle by trying their hand at breakfast.

During a tasting on June 27, BusinessWorld got to try Shrimp Har Gao, Bamboo Shoot Dumplings, Xiao Long Bao, Shanghainese Pork Dumpling, and Pork Crab Meat Siu Mai. There was a handful of fried dumplings as well, but we stuck to the Spinach Dried Scallop Dumpling. There were heftier dishes like Garlic Chicken Fried Rice, congee, and E-fu noodles, but also lighter fare like Braised Vegetables with Mushrooms and Bean Curd Skin, and Tofu with Century Egg. It was strange: save for the last two dishes, we’ve had most of those dishes at Jasmine, but serving them for breakfast made them feel like they were heavier and more filling than before.

“We can capture the morning crowd, and the elderly who are more health-conscious,” said Jasmine’s new Executive Chef, Brandon Ng, pointing out the healthier selections like the tofu and the steamed dim sum. “They enjoy these classic and nostalgic dishes.”

We did not, however, catch Malaysian Mr. Ng’s personal favorite, the kaya toast: toast spread with coconut jam and butter. He recalls that as a child, his family would toast the white bread over coals. “The fragrance of the crust, kind of like a smoky taste,” he recalled, smacking his lips. That’s also on the menu, as well as their traditional side dish, soft-boiled eggs, and one can even opt for some warm soy milk to go with it.

As for him, he describes his own perfect breakfast: “Kaya toast, hot coffee during the rainy days. Ah!”

“That kind of feeling we want to create in Jasmine. No hurry for breakfast: relax, mingle, socialize, share. Enjoy the meal. Light and easy.”

The new breakfast menu is available from 7 to 10 a.m. every Sunday. For more information,  contact 8811-6888 ext. 3679 or 0917-888-4194. — Joseph L. Garcia

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