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Mugwort, soybeans, deep sea water

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K-beauty brand uses Korean natural ingredients

USED by Korean celebrities, K-beauty brand Round Lab is now in the Philippines, having been launched at Rockwell’s Balmori tent on June 26. During the event, the brand emphasized its use of natural ingredients found only in select regions in Korea.

Round Lab’s Pine Cica product line uses pine trees from Yangyang County in Gangwon Province. This line has intensive calming properties and soothing effects, with products ranging from cleansers to pads, ampoules, creams, and masks.

Meanwhile, water from the deep seas around Ulleungdo Island in Ulleung County and the Dokdo Islands in the Sea of Japan is used in the brand’s 1025 Dokdo Toner. The line includes cleansing oil, balm, gel, bubble foam, pads, ampoules, a lotion, creams, gel masks, sunscreen, an eye cream, mud packs, and peeling gel. The products are meant to be used by people with sensitive skin.

Round Lab’s Birch Juice Moisture Line uses the sap of silver birch trees of Inje County in Gangwon Province. The sap is combined with Vita Hyaluronic Acid, providing deep hydration for dewy and healthy skin. The line’s Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen with SPF 50+ has been awarded multiple awards by beauty app Hwahae, and the Glowpick Beauty Awards. Aside from the sunscreen, the line includes cleansers, toners, moisturizers, ampoules, and lotions. The sunscreen comes in creams, sticks, and cushions.

Round Lab’s Mugwort line contains an extract of Sea Breeze Artemisia and Madecassoside from mugwort grown on Geomundo Island near Jeju Island. The line consists of a cleanser, a toner, a serum, a mask, and soothing gels to help calm irritated skin.

Black soybeans from Jeogson County in Gangwon-do province are used in Round Lab’s Soybean product line, which includes a cleansing oil, a nourishing toner, a serum, a cream, and a mask. These are designed to provide deep nutrition and reinforce the skin barrier.

In a speech at the launch, Younghak Lee, Round Lab’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said, “Our company operates under the slogan ‘everyday strength that changes the skin and the all-round world.’ We always develop our products with the hope that the good ingredients we find around Korea can reach our consumers’ skin. We hope to create a world that is more well-rounded for everyone. Our actions may not be large, but we operate our company with the hope that our small, environment-conscious, and neighbor-considerate activities can spread a positive influence on all around the world.”

Through an interpreter, he told BusinessWorld during a group interview that the K-pop bands Day6 and BTOB use their products. He also emphasized, “In order to maintain the Korean standard skin, using products like for cleansing, sunscreen, and toner: it’s really important.”

The products are distributed in the Philippines by Descorp, which also distributes other brands and is the maker of homegrown brand Quick FX. Its CEO, Jenny Jabaguero Gozo, said, “Round Lab is a very unique product for us, because it offers a clean beauty option, which is a very big thing now amongst our Gen Z market.”

Round Lab products, ranging in price from P700 to P1,200, are available at Watsons stores. — Joseph L. Garcia

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