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5 Things That Can Help You in Your App Development Journey

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Creating a high-quality, reliable app is an extensive but lucrative path to establishing yourself in the development niche. Yet, this task can take a while, especially working alone.

Thankfully, the web is full of resources to help you discover the best tactics in your app development journey. Let’s take a look at five essentials every independent developer should consider.

Exploring all programming languages

When application development just started, there were two ways you could go – code it for iOS or code it for Android. There are quite a few programming languages you can try. Explore all of the options you can leverage for your perfect app.

When it comes to iOS, the two most popular programming languages are:

Objective-C. The first application programming language Apple has ever come out with. Due to its age, it’s not very developer-friendly. It’s an object-oriented programming language that is problematic when debugging.
Swift. A newer programming language from Apple that has won the hearts of most developers. It’s easy to start with, and it’s used in most new apps for iOS.

As for Android, these are:

Java. Even non-developers know what Java is, which already says a lot. It’s been the base of Android applications since the system’s launch and remains the most popular language for mobile developers.
Kotlin. While Objective-C and Swift for iOS are like father and son, Java and Kotlin are more like brothers. These languages are interoperable and can easily be utilized in one project. As a newer language, Kotlin is simpler and neater.

Utilizing various development platforms

Similar to programming languages, there are a ton of development platforms you can work on. Depending if you have a team or code alone, you might want to consider a cloud platform. That’s an incredible way to develop one product with people across the world. If you’re doing everything yourself, evaluate which platform is more suitable for your particular type of application.

Are you a fan of basics? Then, the native app development approach will be just your type. That means you will code different app versions on each mobile platform, such as iOS and Android. Want to cut the work time and costs? Take a look at cross-platform possibilities where you only need one code. Then, it can be used on different platforms.

Seeking help from already existing SDKs

Regardless of your experience level, you can seek help from already existing resources on the internet. And it doesn’t mean just theoretical information. Using SDKs allows you to implement various application features without coding them from scratch. In some cases, it’s even possible to find whole app bases in a pre-existing SDK online.

Developers who want to earn extra money can also find suitable SDKs to monetize their applications. Before adding SDKs to your projects, make sure you learn the specifics, like certain rules and agreements.

Creating the app wireframe

Wireframing your application can help you both as a team and when you’re developing an app alone. Think of it like a map for your mobile app, which holds all the information, such as the visuals, main features, goals, audiences, and so on. A wireframe will aid you in calculating the product’s functionality and translating it into a development process. Other team members will also benefit from an application wireframe. You can wireframe your application with a digital tool or on paper.

Testing your application across different devices and users

Every developer knows that testing your application is a top priority. However, not everyone has an extensive testing process. When gathering volunteers to test your app, make sure that you end up with a variety of audiences. There should be a balanced mix of newbies and experts, iOS and Android fans, and laptop, smartphone, and PC users. Test your app in batches to make it more convenient for you and your team to understand the feedback.

In conclusion, there are many aspects to developing a mobile application. From creating a wireframe to choosing your programming language, you will have to make many decisions. Yet, a good app on the market is an amazing achievement that will establish you in the world of coders.

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