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Jeremy Hunt Faces Tight Battle for Seat in Election Race

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has predicted that he could be within 1,500 votes of losing his seat in the upcoming election.

While campaigning in Chiddingfold, part of the newly formed Godalming & Ash constituency, Hunt emphasised the competitive nature of the race, noting that the seat could be won or lost by a narrow margin.

“This seat is probably going to be won or lost by the Conservatives by 1,500 votes or fewer,” Hunt told Bloomberg. The new constituency includes parts of the South West Surrey seat, which Hunt has represented since 2005. This area is now a key target for the Liberal Democrats.

In 2015, Hunt secured a substantial majority of 30,000 votes, making the current race a significant shift. A Liberal Democrat victory would make Hunt the first sitting chancellor to be ousted in an election. Other prominent Tory ministers, including Penny Mordaunt and Johnny Mercer, are also facing tough battles in their respective constituencies.

Hunt, (pictured with supporters) dismissed the notion of contemplating a loss, attributing it to bad “feng shui.” Nonetheless, the race for the Godalming & Ash seat remains a focal point as election night approaches.

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