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Five innovative tools from Lazada that help sellers sell more and shoppers save more

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In a post-pandemic world, e-commerce presents a prime opportunity for sellers to expand their business, with Southeast Asia’s digital commerce user base projected to exceed 400 million by 2025, as per Lazada’s report made in partnership with Synagie and GroupM1.

However, amidst the challenging economic backdrop, cost of living has become major concerns among consumers. A Euromonitor report in 2023 highlights growing concerns among global consumers (74%) about the rising cost of everyday items. This economic pressure is also leading many (44%) to prioritize saving more money2.

For e-commerce sellers to effectively answer such needs, they must be able to provide value-hacking options that enable shoppers to maximize their budgets while also offering supercharged convenience3 through personalized shopping experiences. Here, we look at the various Lazada tools that help sellers boost sales for their online stores.

To support businesses in seamlessly transitioning from offline to online and drive their sales, Lazada equips sellers with cutting-edge AI technology and digital solutions. Lazada’s extensive seller tools stand out for their ability to enhance visibility and discovery, encouraging buyers to purchase from new sellers.

Lazada Promotion Tools

Promotion is one of the most powerful ways to grab buyers’ attention and help them maximize their budgets through better or limited-time deals. Sellers can leverage enticing discounts through Store Flash Sales and Seller Vouchers to engage customers, boost sales, and cultivate brand loyalty.

LazCoins Discount

Encouraging engagement, LazCoins rewards frequent users with discounts and exclusive gifts, enhancing product visibility and driving traffic to sellers’ stores. Lazada’s Birthday campaign in 2024 saw three times more coins redeemed compared to last year, indicating that consumers are getting savvier with promotions.

Lazada Special Free-Shipping Program

With free-shipping vouchers, sellers can attract potential buyers, increase average spending, reduce cart abandonment rates, and foster customer loyalty. According to Lazada’s report, free shipping is considered one of the four major key purchasing intent driving buyers to cart out their purchases aside from product placement, photos, and deals. The survey4 showed that 46% of shoppers clicked the free-shipping option while browsing.

Lazada Sponsored Solutions

With Lazada suite of solutions, sellers can expect increased brands’ visibility to buyers, optimized campaign results, and valuable support in navigating the e-commerce landscape for lasting success5. As of 2024, more than 600K sellers across the region have used Lazada Sponsored Solutions6 and enjoyed an ROI of up to 10×7. Here are some of Lazada’s top solutions for a start:

• Sponsored Discovery precisely targets potential shoppers by enhancing store visibility in Lazada’s search and recommendation placements. With 94% of shoppers purchasing the products from the ‘Search’ function while 71% of shoppers purchasing from ‘Recommendation’ results8, this solution is a powerful tool in reaching the right audiences.

• Sponsored Affiliates tap into Lazada’s vast network of affiliate media and KOL partners, ensuring access to a wide pool of potential buyers off-platform.

Lazada Campaign Participation

During Lazada’s 12.12 All Out Year-End Sale in December 2023, local sellers across Southeast Asia experienced a five-fold increase in sales within the first 12 hours of the sale, while electronics sellers experienced a nine-fold increase in sales compared to a regular day. Participating in Lazada’s campaigns provides immense opportunities to gain visibility among consumers with high purchasing intent, leading to significant sales boosts for sellers.

These are only some examples of how sellers can use the various tools to boost their e-commerce businesses. For those interested in staying up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks, Lazada offers free resources for sellers, most notably on Lazada University, a hub of online courses designed to sharpen skills and knowledge to thrive in the fast-paced, and ever-changing e-commerce market.

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