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The Medical City offers innovative SPOT MAS for cancer risk detection

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The Medical City (TMC) has introduced an innovative program called SPOT MAS (Screening Program for Oncologic Targets: Molecular and Serologic). This program aims to help patients determine their predisposition to various types of cancer through advanced molecular and serologic testing.

SPOT MAS offers a comprehensive approach, integrating the latest advancements in genetic and biomarker testing. By analyzing a patient’s genetic profile and blood markers, the program can identify potential cancer risks before symptoms appear. This proactive measure enables early intervention and personalized preventive strategies, significantly improving patient outcomes.

This test works by drawing a blood sample from a patient. The collected blood then undergoes next-generation sequencing to find cancer signals or circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). If ctDNA is found, the sample will be analyzed to identify the tumor’s origin.  SPOT MAS will be able to detect a patient’s risk for cancers in the lung, liver, breast, stomach, and colon. The results are then reviewed by a team of expert oncologists and genetic counselors at TMC, ensuring personalized and accurate assessments.

Patients who are 40 years old and above, have a family history of cancer, or have an elevated risk for the disease due to factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle are potential candidates for SPOT MAS. However, this test is not an alternative to regular cancer screening.

By incorporating SPOT MAS into its healthcare offerings, TMC reaffirms its commitment to pioneering preventive medicine and empowering patients with the knowledge to take control of their health.

For more information, interested individuals may contact The Medical City’s Facebook Page or call (02) 8988-1000 local 6386 or 6579.

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