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CCIFP holds the 2024 edition of Tastin’ France Manila

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Wines celebrate much more than their culture and history; they also allow people to connect and bond with each other. With what wine can do for people, the recent Tastin’ France Manila takes that to new heights by inviting wine & spirits producers and local importers, retailers, and distributors to participate in a business trade event last April 8, with relevant activities related to learning more about the wine and spirit industry. The event’s success is thanks to Team France Export through a collaboration between the French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and Business France.

From wine exhibitors producers in different regions of France, guests and attendees could enjoy a wide variety of wines at the trade event. Exhibitors include Loire Vins Domaine from Loire Valley; Alain Corcia and Domaine Gille from Bourgogne; Same River Twice Wines from Rhone Valley; Les Vins De Roquebrun, LGI Wines, Vignobles Vellas and Wines Tree; Vignobles Mauve & Co (Les Grand Châteaux) from Languedoc/Bordeaux; and Wines Overload, Les Petit Clos, ABK6 Cognac, and Godet Freres Cognac from multi-region.

The day started in the morning with a market presentation including a panel discussion with five invited speakers who gave relevant insights on the wine industry in the Philippines. The featured speakers had many things to share about as they had their specialties in the wine and spirit industry, which are the following: Julian Gagliardi, general manager of Happy Living; Jorinda Badilla-Flour, owner and sales director of Le Cellier French Wine Selection; Jean Philippe Guillot, general manager of the Philippines from A Wine Company (AWC) and Winedrop; Matthieu Gaillard, founder and partner of Manila-Wine; and Vincent Landais, owner of Dr. Wine.

After a filling lunch, the afternoon session was welcomed by Filipino attendees, with a record of more than 75 guests participating in the French wine trade delegation. With the whole afternoon dedicated to networking and building connections, with French wines and spirits of course, Tastin’ France Manila has achieved their mission of strengthening the connection of France and the Philippines together for this event.

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